Blue Heaven's Song of Ice and Fire POA

Pictured above at 2 years of age
Gilly is our beautiful, only female puppy, from our Paisley x Jagger litter.  We are so pleased that she has turned into everything we could want for the start of our chocolate lines.  She is a sweet spunky girl with a beautiful headpiece, solid topline, correct coat, and is very balanced with lovely angles.  She is starting her show career off with a BANG!  With limited showing she has placed well in her classes and has taken a 1st and 2nd place in her puppy class at the very competitive DFWLRC.  In just 5 shows she has already received her Puppy of Achievement certification from AKC!  She also has 3 points towards her AKC Championship.
We cannot wait to see what this year brings!
DOB: 08/10/2017 OFA Hips: Excellent OFA Elbows: Normal Eyes: ACVO Annually 
PRA: Normal/Clear (By Parentage) EIC: Normal/Clear (By Parentage) 
Cy (Carries Yellow)
                                                                                                              Liberty's Broad Ridge
                                                                              GRCh Quail Chase Broadway Joe Windfall
                                                                                                              Dune Dancer's Windfall Margarita at Quail Chase
                                                      MBISS GRCh Epoch's Mocassin Joe
                                                                                                              BISS CH Wilcare's Leisure Suit Larry
                                                                              Epochs Treasure
                                                                                                              MBISS CH Epoch's Brown Baggin
                               CH Greenstone's Music Man
                                                                                                              CH UCH SHR AGI Endeaor Picadilly Gotta Wear Shades JH NA NAJ WC CGC TDI
                                                                              BISS CH Banner's No Line On the Horizon
                                                                                                              Epoch's Bag of Tricks at Banner
                                                      Greenstone's Cuppa Delight
                                                                                                              Tequilabs Amadeus Air
                                                                              MBISS CH Greenstone's Special Blend
                                                                                                              CH Bournhall Mocha Latte at Pucketts
        Blue Heaven's Song of Ice and Fire "Gilly"
                                                                                                              MBISS Am/Can CH Sunset Lubberline Spinnaker
                                                                              MBISS Am GRCh Can CH Gingerbread Celestial Thunder JH CGC
                                                                                                              CH Gingerbread Pasta Luna
                                                      CH Oakhaven's Keeper of the Stars
                                                                                                              MBISS CH Lubberline Martingale
                                                                              Oakhaven Promise Me the World
                                                                                                              Blue Heaven's Notorious Flirt
                              Blue Heaven's Perfect Storm
                                                                                                              CH Blue Heaven's Gabriel of Agape
                                                                              CH Agape Saint of Blue Heaven
                                                                                                              Snowden Hill Agape Firesparks
                                                     Briarwood's League of Her Own
                                                                                                              CH Brooks Take a Dare
                                                                              Briarwood Blue Heaven Truth or Dare
                                                                                                              CH Briarwood's Cover Girl

Below are some photos of Gilly growing up
8 weeks of age
4 months of age
Show Record

6 months of age
16 Months of Age