Gilly's Show Record
Leavenworth Kennel Club 2018
1st 6-9 puppy - Judge Eugene Blake (POA 1pt)
1st 6-9 puppy - Judge Dr. Gareth Morgan-Jones (POA 1pt)

Heart of America Kennel Club 2018
1st 6-9 puppy - Judge Judy Webb (POA 1pt)
1st 6-9 puppy - Judge Charles Orvis (POA 1pt)

Clinton Iowa Kennel Club (WLRC Supported Entry) 2018
1st 6-9 puppy sweeps - Judge Margaret (Peggy) Krohn
2nd 6-9 puppy - Judge Michael Gelinas
1st 6-9 puppy - Judge Sandy Gelinas (POA 1pt)

Scottsbluff Kennel Club
1st 6-9 puppy - Judge Polly Smith (POA 1pt)
1st 6-9 puppy - Judge Pat Trotter (POA 1pt)

Dallas Fort Worth Labrador Retriever Club 2018
2nd 6-9 puppy (class of 7) - Judge Jan Roger Sauge (Mabrinos Labradors)
3rd 6-9 puppy sweeps (class of 7) - Judge Tiina Rantenen (Stronglines Labradors)
1st 6-9 puppy (class of 7) - Judge Daniel Oliviera (Canil Zuo Labradors) (POA 3pt)

Central Iowa Kennel Club 2019
1st Bred-By Exhibiter, Reserve Winners (to a MAJOR) - Judge Sue Goldberg
1st Bred-By Exhibiter - Judge Edweena (Teddy) McDowell

Dallas Fort Worth LRC 2019
2nd Open Chocolate - Judge Bolette Heering (Melicmark Labradors, Denmark)
2nd Open Chocolate - Judge Philippe Lammens (Of Misty Dreams Labradors, France)

Rochester Kennel Club 2019
1st Bred-By, Winners, Best of Winners, Best of Opposite Sex (over Ellie!!) - Judge Carolyn Herbel 2pts
1st Bred-By, Winners - Judge James Brown 1pt