Ads and Websites By Rachael
Ads can be made for any venue. 

Prices are:

Single Ad: $20

Group of 3: $50

3+: Please E-mail for details

The Ads will be E-mailed when finished and you can use on your website, as advertisement in a catalog, or print to display in your home. 

If you would like an Ad please contact Rachael at

Websites can be designed and maintained through any server.  Pricing varies depending on website server, however I charge $150 flat rate each year.  I will have updates up no later than 3 days after I get the update via E-mail.  I try to get updates up as soon as I get them so the sites stay up to date.  If you are interested in having me design and maintain your website feel free to E-mail me for more information.
Click the links below to see the websites designed and maintained:

Shalane Labradors
Oaksill Labradors
DTT Inc.
Remedy Labradors
Hayshaker Labradors